The Battle of Britain Facts for Kids

The Battle of Britain was a battle that happened in 1940.  It was between the German army and the British army.  The Germans wanted to invade Great Britain, but they were defeated by the RAF. In June of 1940, Prime Minister Winston Churchill said the British were going to fight Germany in the Battle of … Read more

The Emancipation Proclamation Facts for Kids

The Emancipation Proclamation was an order from President Abraham Lincoln that freed slaves. The Southern states affected by the Emancipation Proclamation included Texas, South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana. By the end of the war, almost 200,000 African Americans fought for the Union. Causes The Civil War between North and South began because … Read more

Schlieffen Plan Facts for Kids

The Schlieffen plan was made before World War I.  It was a plan for Germany to avoid fighting at its eastern and western fronts at the same time.  But it turned out to be an ugly way of wearing everyone down during World War I Eventually, it led to Germany’s downfall. Germany faced a war … Read more

Montgomery Bus Boycott Facts for Kids

In 1955, African American people protested against segregation by refusing to ride the buses for a long time.  This was the first protest against segregation in America. Martin Luther King Jr., a young pastor, emerged as a leader in the American civil rights movement. In the 1950s, there was a bus law in Montgomery, the … Read more

Little Rock Nine Crisis Facts for Kids

In the 1950s, segregation was still a common practice in many schools and public places. One of the most famous examples is Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas, where President Eisenhower sent soldiers with federalized National Guardsmen to protect nine African American students from mobs. In 1957, nine African American students decided to enroll … Read more

Battles of Lexington and Concord Facts for Kids

The Battles of Lexington and Concord were the first battles of the American Revolutionary War.  The colonists built an alarm system to warn them if the British were coming.  The British army was coming to get guns from Massachusetts, but colonists knew so they started fighting with British soldiers.  The battles started on Lexington Green … Read more

New Jersey Plan Facts for Kids

What is the New Jersey Plan? One of the plans proposed for the structure of the United States government in the Constitutional Convention of 1787 was called the New Jersey Plan. After the American Revolutionary War ended in 1783, the American colonies gained independence from the British and founded the United States of America.  Initially, … Read more

Ice Age Facts for Kids

What is the Ice Age? When there is a prolonged decrease in the Earth’s temperature, large sheets of ice cover vast lands.  The geological history of the Earth characterizing polar ice sheets and alpine glaciers is known as the Ice Age.  Throughout history, the Earth has gone through various phases of the ice age and … Read more