New England Colonies Facts For Kids

The New England colonies were the colonies of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. The New England colonies got organized around the Puritan religion and family farming. The New England colonies were also known for their shipbuilding and whaling industries. Beginnings The founders of the New England colonies had a far different goal than … Read more

Rosie The Riveter Facts For Kids

During World War II, Rosie the Riveter was the star of a campaign to get more women to work in the defense industry. Rosie became an iconic image of working women. “We can do it!” Rosie’s motto inspired many women. During the war, American women entered the workforce in large numbers. There were many job … Read more

Civil Rights Movement Facts For Kids

The Civil Rights Movement was when many people worked together to get equal rights for African Americans, and this happened from 1946 to 1968. The civil rights movement used many different methods to achieve its goals. These included filing lawsuits, lobbying the government, and taking direct action. Civil rights activists achieved many victories, but they … Read more

Magna Carta Facts for Kids

England’s King John was facing a possible rebellion by the country’s powerful barons. He agreed to a charter of liberties that would place him and all of England’s future sovereigns within the rule of law. The document eventually became the foundation for the English system of common law. The Magna Carta was very important to … Read more

English Civil Wars Facts for Kids

When explaining the English Civil Wars Facts for Kids, the following are important key points: The English Civil Wars were a series of armed conflicts fought between King Charles I and Parliament in the 17th century. Many families and communities from all sectors of society were dragged into the conflict, and many lost their lives. … Read more

Charles II Facts for Kids

Charles I had a son who was eight years old when the Civil War started. Charles II was with his father at the Battle of Edgehill and in Oxford until his father told him to go to France for safety. Charles II was the king of Great Britain and Ireland. After years of exile, he … Read more

Charles I Facts for Kids

Charles I was the King of England, Scotland, and Ireland until his execution. Charles fought the English and Scottish parliaments’ armies during the English Civil War. After his defeat, he was captured by a Scottish army and eventually delivered to the English Parliament. For high treason, Prince Charles was indicted, tried, and executed. The monarchy … Read more

Oliver Cromwell Facts for Kids

Oliver Cromwell was famous for being the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland after King Charles I was defeated in a war. Cromwell agreed that Charles I should be executed. After King Charles I was executed, Cromwell was in charge of the Commonwealth of England. His Years as a Young Man … Read more