Ancient Greece Facts for Kids

The ancient Greeks were a culture that lived thousands of years ago.  They were one of the first civilizations to produce great works in art, mathematics, literature, and philosophy. Ancient Greece was an astounding culture that developed throughout the centuries. They developed a complex culture throughout the centuries. The Cyclades, the Minoans, and the Mycenae … Read more

Ancient Greece: Facts & Information for Kids

The Origins of Greece The first groups of people to settle on the Greek peninsula were called the Minoans and Mycenaeans. Historians and archeologists cannot find much information about these two groups of people. Their writing and artifacts were either lost or destroyed over time. Historians use the term Achaeans to refer to the people … Read more

Arachne: Facts & Information

In Greek and Roman mythology, Arachne was a woman who challenged the goddess of wisdom and crafts, Athena. She was a very good weaver and was able to weave beautiful pictures into the cloth. People would travel far and wide to see Arachne’s work. Arachne became too proud of her work and began to suffer … Read more

Typhon: Facts & Information for Kids

It is very rare for a god to also be a monster, but that’s exactly what Typhon was.  He was the most feared monster in all Greek mythology and no other mythical creature, god or monster was as powerful, dangerous, or deadly. He is known by many names – Typhon, Typhaon, Typheous, Typhos and Typho – but … Read more