Roman Empire Facts for Kids

Ancient Rome had a powerful culture. Rome is also called “The Eternal City” because civilizations have been there for a long time and prospered. There are ancient ruins all around the world that were built by ancient Romans, like Hadrian’s Wall in Britain or the Hagia Sophia church in Turkey. Beginnings The city of Rome … Read more

Roman Soldiers Facts for Kids

Introduction to the Roman Soldiers The Roman Soldiers were the armed forces of the Roman Empire throughout its history spanning approximately 2205 years.  Roman soldiers played a critical role in the military operations of the Roman Empire from the period of Ancient Rome. This period began around the 8th century BC with the founding of … Read more

Ancient Rome & The Romans: Facts & Information for Kids

The Early Expansion of Rome in Italy Around 400 BC or slightly before this date, Italy was inhabited by a few different groups of people, who were referred to as the Latin peoples. In the northern parts of Italy lived the Etruscans. They were some of the first people in Italy, and they had a … Read more