The Feudal System Facts for Kids

The word “feudal” refers to the economic, political, and social system that characterized medieval Europe from about 1000 to 1300. A landowner gave vassals a piece of land in return for a promise from the person who received it. The people’s payment to the lord usually came by doing military service or regularly giving them … Read more

Medieval Knights Facts for Kids

Knights in the Middle Ages were very popular because they were warriors and protected people. Knights were part of society’s elite. There were fewer knights as the Middle Ages went on until they disappeared completely. Life in the Middle Ages Most people in the Middle Ages led difficult lives. In the early Middle Ages, most … Read more

The Hundred Years’ War Facts for Kids

The Hundred Years’ War was a long fight between the kings and kingdoms of France and England. It lasted from 1337 to 1453. The war began because of the status of a French duchy that the English kings wanted to be independent. The war also began because the Kings of England claimed the crown of … Read more

Medieval Medicine Facts for Kids

In the Middle Ages, there was no tradition of scientific medicine. Spiritual and religious ideas influenced scientists. In this time, doctors got their ideas from books from the Greeks and Romans. During the Middle Ages, most people lived in rural areas. The average life expectancy was 30-35 years, and 1 out of 5 children died … Read more

Johannes Gutenburg and the Printing Press Facts for Kids

In 1436, a German goldsmith named Johannes Gutenberg wanted to make a machine that could produce text at an incredible speed. He thought his machine might make him money from people who wanted their books made quickly. In 1440 he built the first printing press, and it worked! The invention of the printing press, according … Read more

The Middle Ages Facts for Kids

The Middle Ages was a time in Europe that lasted from the fall of Rome to the beginning of the Renaissance. Some scholars call it medieval, but others say that “Middle Age” makes it sound like this time is unimportant. The Name “Middle Ages” The Middle Ages were a time of change. There was more … Read more