The Norman Conquest Facts for Kids

In 1066, a new kind of monarchy started in England. William, the Duke of Normandy, conquered England and changed its history forever. For many years, England’s whole way of living was different than what it had been before. Some historians believe that England was living in a reasonable time before the Norman Conquest of 1066. … Read more

Castles Facts for Kids

A castle is a strong building that was often the home of a king or lord in medieval times and afterward. Castles were built in many places, including Japan, India, and other countries. The castle rose rapidly in western Europe beginning in the 9th century onwards. The leader’s fortress was often built on a high … Read more

The Normans: Facts & Information for Kids

Who were the Normans? The Normans, which means “Northmen,” were Vikings in the 10th century who pillaged and settled in Northern and Northwestern parts of France. At the time, the area which is now referred to as France in Continental Europe was initially referred to as the Frankish Kingdom (or Francia). In the late 9th … Read more