Alexander Fleming Facts for Kids

Sir Alexander Fleming FRS FRSE FRCS, a distinguished Scottish physician and microbiologist, is best known for his groundbreaking discovery of penicillin, the world’s inaugural and widely effective antibiotic. His pioneering work in the field of medicine earned him the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1945 for this transformative achievement. EARLY LIFE OF ALEXANDER … Read more

Charles II Facts for Kids

Charles I had a son who was eight years old when the Civil War started. Charles II was with his father at the Battle of Edgehill and in Oxford until his father told him to go to France for safety. Charles II was the king of Great Britain and Ireland. After years of exile, he … Read more

The Great Fire of London Facts for Kids

During the first days of September 1666, London suffered a huge disaster. It destroyed many buildings, including churches, civic buildings, and homes. One-third of the city was destroyed and 100,000 people became homeless. It was the worst fire in London’s history. London in the 1660s There were around 350,000 people in London before the Great … Read more

The Spanish Armada Facts for Kids

In 1588, Spain sent a large fleet to invade England with 130 ships. The Spanish Armada set sail for England, but the English outwitted them. Some ships sunk, and storms damaged some while they tried to go back home. The Spanish Armada attack was one of the most important events during Elizabeth I’s rule.  Elizabeth … Read more

The British Empire Facts for Kids

Britain became an empire in the sixteenth century when John Cabot went across the Atlantic. The British Empire grew in size and power during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. During the twentieth century, the British Empire became the Commonwealth. Today, people are engaged in a battle for decolonization, which is the process of gaining control … Read more

Wars of the Roses Facts for Kids

The Wars of the Roses were a series of wars between two families that wanted to be king. The York family had a white rose, and the Lancaster family had a red one. It was fought between 1455-1485, but after 30 years, it ended with a new king coming to power. In the Wars of … Read more

Mary, Queen of Scots, Facts for Kids

Mary, Queen of Scots, became the Scottish queen in 1542 when she was a newborn baby. Her marriage to Francis II of France sparked a war with England. She was beheaded by Elizabeth I in 1587. Mary, Queen of Scots, is Born Mary was born to King James V of Scotland and Mary of Guise. … Read more

The Elizabethan Era Facts for Kids

The Elizabethan Age was the period when Queen Elizabeth I was in power. This time saw a lot of new things, including the full flowering of English literature and poetry.  There were many more theaters, including one with William Shakespeare, who wrote plays. There were religious changes, with some people becoming Protestants after the Church … Read more