Famous Inventors and Inventions Facts for Kids

What are Inventions and Inventors? Throughout the history of humanity, there have been several inventions that revolutionized the way we live on the planet. The one thing that has helped in making human beings the dominant species on the planet is our ability to conceptualize, envision, and explore novel ways to improve our experience of … Read more

Civil Rights Movement Facts for Kids

What was the Civil Rights Movement? In the 20th century, several African Americans united with progressive white Americans in the United States of America in an event called the Civil Rights Movement.  The civil rights movement was a struggle to gain equal rights for all black people and other racial minorities who had faced slavery, … Read more

Pioneers Facts for Kids

Who were the Pioneers? The people who traveled to the west of North America with the aspiration to settle and develop the unexplored territories are known as the Pioneers. The eastern coast of North America was colonized by many settlers who came from Europe.  However, the western part of America was left largely unexplored during … Read more

Compromise of 1877 Facts for Kids

What was the Compromise of 1877? The Compromise of 1877 was an informal settlement between the Democratic representatives of the South and the Republican allies led by Rutherford Hayes.  The 1876 election in the United States of America was one of the most disputed elections in America‚Äôs history. The Compromise of 1877 was devised to … Read more

Plymouth Colony Facts for Kids

What is the Plymouth Colony? Between 1620 to 1691 the English explorers formed a colony in America called the Plymouth Colony. It is sometimes spelled as Plimouth Colony.  During the Age of Discovery, the Americas were found by European explorers and many European Powers wanted to establish their colonies there.  The Americas were inhabited by … Read more

Brutus 1 Facts for Kids

Who was Brutus 1? Brutus was a pseudonym used by a New York Anti-Federalist who was opposed to the Constitution of America.  He wrote many essays to discourage New Yorkers from accepting the Constitution because he believed that it gives too much power to the central government. After the independence of the United States from … Read more

Patriots and Loyalists Facts for Kids

Who were the Patriots and the Loyalists? After the French and Indian War, the British Empire claimed authority over all the 13 Colonies of America.  However, the taxation imposed by the British on their American subjects irked many colonists and they sought to gain independence from their new rulers.  The American colonists were divided on … Read more

Black History Facts for Kids

What is Black History? The historical events concerning the African-American population in the United States of America are known as Black History or African-American History. From the 16th till the 19th century, 10.7 million Africans were transported to various parts of the world by Europeans.  The Africans were forced into slavery by the traders who … Read more