Roaring 20s Facts for Kids

The Roaring 20s was a time in history when many Americans moved to cities. The total wealth of the Americans during the 1920s doubled, and Americans became wealthier. People in the US bought the same goods, listened to the same music. They also danced in the same way and talked very similarly.  Some were uncomfortable … Read more

The Union States Facts for Kids

Union States history dates back to 1787 when the United States Constitution was written, which created the Union State on March 4th, 1789. The Union was a large industrial power and their leaders were good at politics. So they won on the battlefield and in the end, they beat the Confederates in the American Civil … Read more

War of 1812 Facts for Kids

The American War of 1812 was fought between the US and Great Britain. It was only 29 years after the American Revolution. It was the first time that the United States got to fight other people on a bigger scale. The British made people from America join their army even though they were not born … Read more

Boston Tea Party Facts for Kids

The Boston Tea Party was a protest that happened in 1773. Angry colonists wanted to be able to make their own laws. They also wanted a vote. Since Britain didn’t give the colonists a voice, they made a big protest by dumping 342 chests of tea into the water, which was worth millions of dollars … Read more

Dred Scott Decision Facts for Kids

The Dred Scott decision is one of the most controversial court rulings in US history. In 1836, a slave named Dred Scott sued for his freedom. The US Supreme Court ruled against him, deciding that he who descended from slaves was not an American citizen. This decision became one of the causes of the American … Read more

Rosie the Riveter Facts for Kids

Who is Rosie the Riveter? Rosie the Riveter was a symbolic representation of the women who worked in factories and shipyards of the United States of America during World War II. During the world wars, many countries organized propaganda campaigns to encourage women to participate in the war effort.  The propaganda campaign led in America … Read more

New England Colonies Facts for Kids

What were the New England Colonies? In the 16th century, many people in Europe decided to move to America and form colonies where they could build a better life and practice their religion freely. The New England Colonies were formed by various groups of people that settled in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts Bay, Providence, Plymouth, … Read more

Nullification Crisis Facts for Kids

What was the Nullification Crisis? During the years 1832 and 1833, the United States of America went through a sectional political crisis called the Nullification Crisis. The State of Carolina and the federal government confronted each other due to the tariffs imposed in the years 1828 and 1832. The Tariffs were imposed to protect the … Read more