Shays’ Rebellion Facts for Kids

What was Shays’ Rebellion? The rebellion led by war veteran Daniel Shays along with 4000 rebels after the American Revolutionary War is called Shays’ Rebellion.  The rebellion was preceded by a series of protests against the economic and civil injustices imposed by the state government of Massachusetts. During the American Revolutionary War, the economy of … Read more

Quartering Act Facts for Kids

What was the Quartering Act? After the French and Indian War, several acts were passed by the British Parliament to overcome the challenges of the British Empire.  One of these acts was called the Quartering Act and was passed in 1765 and then again in 1774. The Quartering Act was passed primarily to solve the … Read more

Intolerable Acts Facts for Kids

What were the Intolerable Acts? The acts introduced in the American colonies of the British Empire in response to the Boston Tea Party incident are known as the Intolerable Acts of 1774. They were passed in the British Parliament with the intention to punish the colonial settlers of Massachusetts and suppress further resistance against the … Read more